30ml J’adore by Christian Dior


This is the generic of Christian Dior’s J’adore.

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J’adore is a modern, glamorous fragrance, which has become incredibly popular, and for that reason developed in number of variants of different concentrations. Its opulent, golden scent shimmers on skin like sunbeams. It presents a new conception of femininity, sweet but balmy, slightly sharp floral with fresh mandarin in the top; jasmine, plum, orchid and rose in the heart; and amaranth, musk and blackberry in the trail.

Note:  The Fine Fragrance Collection generics have a higher concentration of perfume oil compared to the original designer perfumes. Please use them sparingly until you establish what’s right for you.

Dosage 35%
CAS Number Raw materials Name
25265-71-8 Dipropanol ether
24851-98-7 Methyl 3-oxo-2-pentylcyclopentane acetate
78-70-6 3,7-Dimethyl-1,6-octadien-3-ol
55066-48-3 3-Methyl-5-phenyl-1-pentanol
63500-71-0 4-methyl-2-(2-methylpropyl)tetrahydro-2h-pyran-4-ol
101-86-0 Alpha-n-hexylcinnamic aldehyde
118-58-1 Benzyl ortho-hydroxybenzoate
110-27-0 Isopropyl tetradecanoate
1205-17-0 Alpha-methyl-3,4-methylendioxyhidrocinnamaldehyde
106-22-9 3,7-Dimethyl-6-octen-1-ol
140-11-4 Benzylacetate


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