Terms of being an Agent

Number of Active Agents


We are asked many times by our current agents whether we will ever limit the number of agents we have. Of course, the reason this question is asked is because nobody…and I mean nobody likes competition!! All of us would like to be the only supplier of a product that is in demand.

So, when we get this question, we answer it like this:
We will never limit the amount of FFC agents. Why? We think the opportunity that our current agents got (and have) to be a FFC agent should be afforded to all. Initially when we started our agent program, we thought that we would limit the number of agents. But then the question was “how many agents is the right amount?” In reality, we do not know! So instead of us just making up an arbitrary number, we are going to let the market decide. What does this mean?

If an agent buys a starter pack of 60 bottles for R30 a bottle and cannot sell them for R60 (because there are too many agents), they will always be able to sell them for R30. And if they did this, they would not LOSE ANY MONEY AT ALL. Why? Because we do not charge ANY JOINING OR ADMIN FEES!! The money an agent pays is for STOCK ONLY!

This means there is ZERO RISK to becoming a FFC agent. Should any agent decide that there are too many agents, they can sell any and ALL the stock they have on hand at R30 bottle (which is what they paid) and not lose one single cent. Of course, all the customers that they will no longer service will find an alternate agent to buy from because there is such a high consumer demand for our generic perfumes. This will then determine how many agents the market requires. This is how the FREE MARKET system operates! 🙂

FFC Agent