Buy for R30 sell for R60. It’s as EASY AS THAT!

There are no joining fees, there are no varying discount levels and you DON’T have to recruit 847 family members and/or friends to “sell” for you.

All you have to do is buy 60 bottles of perfume for R30 each and then double your money and sell them for R60. Unlike every other direct selling business, where the products on sale can be bought from the local mall at a much cheaper price, our Grade A perfumes sell at the bargain price of R60 a bottle, making them the most affordable designer perfumes in the world! The demand is HUGE because they sell themselves!

Your first order of a Starter Pack, that is 60 pre-selected bottles of perfume at R30 each (R1800 total), qualifies you as an agent. Thereafter, to maintain your 50% discount on all future orders, you must buy a minimum of 30 bottles a time – see ‘Terms of being an agent’.

Once you’ve ordered your Starter Pack, you will be able to sell a bottle of our generic designer perfume to any potential customer that wants a bottle for R60. You’ve just DOUBLED your money. It’s as EASY AS THAT!

So, buy a Starter Pack today and join the easiest and most profitable direct selling business in the world! Your R1800 Starter Pack will quickly double to R3600! From Day 1, you can start to build an on-going and reliable source of income. 


FFC Agent